Day 2 of 90 Day Series

Time for your 2nd day of receiving a message to keep you focused on your journey. We believe in consistency and commitment to attract the love you desire. 


Day #2!                                                                                   DATE: ______________________

Today pick ONE thing new to do with your routine!


1. ____________________________________________________________________________


Changing your predictable patterns starts to open your ability to see more possibilities! 


What do you feel you could add to your routine? Maybe take a walk during your lunch break or after dinner. How about making time to meditate? Or putting a little extra time into getting ready for the day so you feel amazing. What about ...?


Select something you want to weave into your daily routine and then applaud yourself as you do it. Even add a daily reminder timer to your phone so you don't forget. It takes time to make something a true routine! 


We are cheering you every step of the way!

Complete and Continue