Day 3 of 90 Day Series

Day #3! DATE: ______________________

Make an image change for today!


1. ____________________________________________________________________________


Pick one thing you need to refresh your personal look. First impressions are powerful so take a moment to think about just one change you could do to spice your current overall look.


It's amazing how many times I hear people say how excited they are to go on a date for the first time and then the person arrives looking like they didn't really take the time to put themselves together.


I'm sure you look great when getting ready for a date but what is something you could do that would add a little extra? Maybe more color to the clothing choices you make, take time to shave with more detail, personalize your makeup look... the options are full and exciting when you take just a moment to change and refresh your image!


Get excited to discover what your ONE change is today! Have fun with it. Get excited to shake up your usual look to see if anyone noticed.   

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